Travomi is the world's first gaming solution utilizing the power of souvenirs. Travomi brings to life gift shop items and travel souvenirs in an easy to use digital gaming solution.

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Travomi is a hotel booking application dedicated bringing gift shop items and souvenirs to life. Travomi is designed to provide travel enthusiasts a fun and exciting way to share their hotel travel and entertainment experiences through digital travel gifts and souvenirs.

  • For you
    No longer do you need to wonder what it is like to explore a landmark and receive a souvenir.
  • Get Them
    Travomi has designed the platform to allow users to capture the magic of travel gift giving and receiving.
  • Share Gifts
    Travomi allows users to share their travel experiences with friends and family through our unique digital gifts.
  • Join Us
    We invite you to explore and enjoy the fun and exciting world of travel gift giving through Travomi's game play!

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  • 1951 Monterey St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  • 310-200-1757